Installing Ubuntu 12.04 – TODAY

In a world where BETA is the new STABLE – why wait? And BETA is better than ALPHA, or not? So I’m going to install it right now and migrate my 11.10.  Oh oh …

Guess what: It boots and then … completely fails. Computer freezes.

I’m trying the 11.10 distribution now 🙂

*** UPDATE 04/03/2012 ***

It’s a kernel vs. Hardware/Processor related problem that seems to be around for a long time now. Found some forum entries dated back to 2005.

The boot process works if adding „acpi=off“ or „processor.nocst=1“ to the grub command line.

To further enlight you – „processor.nocst=1“ means:

„Causes the ACPI core to ignore the _CST method of determining the processor C-states and use the legacy FADT method instead.“


But the most annoying part is that only one out of two CPU cores is recognized, slowing things considerably down. It’s the usual SMP kernel, no „noapic“ setting or things like that. Looks like I have to compile the kernel myself and wade through the options. Switching to an older kernel line did not help so far.


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