Tag 191/2016: What to eat while listening to podcasts about Ketones

Photo of Salmon, Garlic, Oil, Rosemary, Salt

UPDATE 2017: The meat times are over. I was wrong.

There are way too many great podcasts out there than time available to listen to them. So in order to accomplish something you have to do things in parallel, like listening and eating.

Tim Ferriss, among many other things, constantly produces worthwhile podcasts, like this one: Dom D’Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and the End of Cancer. There’s a follow-up podcast with Dom D’Agostino available on iTunes now.

Says Tim about the latest episode: „If you have an interest in these types of metabolic therapies, whether for performance enhancement, endurance, weight loss, or fighting cancer, diabetes, or any number of other maladies, you will find a gem within this episode.

It goes without saying that in order to pay tribute to the podcasts and keep the gods in a good temper you won’t cram piles of carbs into your digestive system.

I suggest a quick and simple salmon-oil-butter-rosemary-garlic-seasalt-lemon setup that takes only about 20 minutes to be prepared.


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