Tag 88/2016: Powell Peralta World Tour 1990

Powell Peralta World Tour 1990 Germany Original Poster

Found this poster today. Background story: As a small group of school friends we went to Munich by train in 1990. One year before, 1989, we’ve been inspired by watching Ban This a hundred times on YouTube VHS, a movie from Stacy Peralta (see the company Powell Peralta, the team Bones Brigade).

The german organizers of the World Tour had been a little bit over-challenged, one of us was almost crushed to death as they assumed all those hundreds of outside waiting skaters would walk one by one through the entrance door patiently (nope). It didn’t matter anyway as the Brigade was stuck somewhere on a german highway. So it took some hours as they even had to bring in and build the halfpipe. We managed to make a phone call to the parents (no smartphones available at that time) to tell them we’d come a little bit late and hopefully would make it to school the next day.

While waiting some dude was recognized by the crowd as a respected german skater and hundreds of people went like crazy for him to get something signed. You see the result on my poster and I really can’t remember who it was. If ya know, please leave a comment. Half an hour and some knockouts later everyone had something signed and sat down quietly again.

It became a very nice evening. They presented a somewhat shorter version of their tricks as usual but it was, of course, exciting.

(Some impressions, Thrasher Magazine August 1990, a VHS video footage of the World Tour, UK example; Ban This impressions on YT)

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